Welcome to Kreuzberg, the heart of Berlin.

If you are looking for a simple, unforgettable experience, along with a variety of local venues and a wide range of specialty shops at your finger tips, then 36 rooms is sure to satisfy. Situated in the heart of Kreuzberg 36, your Hostel 36 rooms is a traveller’s ideal location for convenient transport, international dining, and a range of night life that will meet the thriftiest budget. A relaxed morning stroll will lead you to a plethora of cafes ranging from eclectic to swanky, traditional German Kitchens to Punk Rock pubs. This area of Berlin is known throughout Germany for it’s huge alternative club scene and experimental subculture.Situated between direct train and bus lines, it is the perfect starting point to begin your adventures through all of Berlin’s historical landmarks, various museums, and numerous galleries.The hostel has a one of a kind view of Görlitzer Park and is located directly across from the Spreewaldplatz Indoor Swimming Hall.Whether you’re searching for a quiet evening playing Pool or Fussball, clubs that go on through the night, the perfect new ensemble, or some unforgettable German beer, 36 rooms is right in the centre of it all!